Global leadership

Board of Directors

As a private, family-owned company, Mars, Incorporated is governed by a Board of Directors. The Directors are members of the Mars family. The Mars Board of Directors receives independent advice from external Board Advisors.

Management Team

Mars, Incorporated is run by a global management team led by Grant F. Reid, Office of the President. The company’s management team brings to bear a wealth of experience in its oversight of the day-to-day operations of the business across six business segments: Petcare, Chocolate, Food, Wrigley, Drinks and Symbioscience. Mars has aligned its global leadership structure with these business segments in an effort to continue to grow and sustain improvement in company performance.

Members of the Mars, Incorporated management team include:

Grant F. Reid, Chief Executive Officer and Office of the President

Eric MinvielleVice President,
People & Organization

President, Whitespace

Claus AagaardChief Financial Officer

Poul WeihrauchPresident, Global Petcare

Andy PharoahVice President, Corporate strategy, Corporate Affairs and Strategic Initiatives

John DonofrioVice President, Secretary & General Counsel

Martin RadvanPresident, Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Richard WareVice President, Supply, Research & Development and Procurement

Fiona DawsonPresident, Global Food,
Drinks and European

Andrew ClarkeChief Marketing and
Customer Officer

From time to time, the board and leadership team consult with external advisors through the Mars Global Advisors program.

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